A clue for Heather.


You’re getting the hang of it now. No gift for this one,

’cause you haven’t even left the house yet.

Here’s the next one:

A fellow cohort in crime,

she has been my best friend since before graduation in ’89,

has the next clue.

Drat, wrong clue! Here’s what was supppose to be in this post originally:

You found the clue! Yay! Now here is the next:

There are 14 of these, one for each month we have been together.

In one of these balls of hot air,

blown up with great care,

is your next clue.

Note: To all my friends reading this with confused looks on their faces, all will be revealed in short order, but for now, this message is just for Heather.

I want an iPod…

So here is what I am thinking, all my friends and loved ones can get together and give me ten or twenty dollars each for my birthday in August and we’ll raise that $299 in no time. I mention it now ’cause I want you to save up your pennies so that you have the dinero (spelling?) come August 14th.

To review, many people with small amounts of cash = happy mark listening to his vast music library made mobile. A good idea, no?

Update: Wait, I know, I will put a PayPal link on here on my blog so that you can donate! What a rockin’ idea. Thanks in advance for your generous support;)