Gmail is ramping up!

So my Gmail account has gone from 3 invites to 6 to 11 to, now a whopping 50 Invites. Crazy. Well if you want ’em you got ’em. Just leave a comment.

50 Invites Screen Shot

Screen shot from my Gmail interface. Do I even know 50 people geeking enough to want this?

If you have no clue as to what I am talking about, it is the email service that is being offered by Google that is currently in beta testing.

Yah, Back Up and Running!

OK, so I tried to upgrade my Movable Type to the latest version, 3.14, in December but the trick is that I really don’t know what I am doing when it comes to this web stuff; I am just not that geekified yet. It got kind a frustrating and I broke some stuf so I laid it down for over a month. I can’t blog during this time but people can see the old posts, so at least it was not completely broken. I feel good today and wanted to blog so I decided to tackle this silly upgrade this afternoon during lunch. There was yet another update for Movable Type that had come out, 3.15, since mid-December so I uploaded it to my site, adjusted some permissions on the cgi scripts and… viola!

It is good to be back!