blood, gore and love

ok, so i went to go see The Movie

last nite and i’m thinking, more wondering, what it will be like. i have some expectations coming into it, like the production quality and screen play should be above par, but that’s about it.

being a visual person i thought it will pull on some of my heart-strings and jerk out a tear or two, but i tell you that i was not prepared for the emotional rush that i got from the crucification scene. At the part where he was talking to the thief, all i could think about is’ “man, that’s me.” and the torrental rainfall began.

after the movie, i didn’t really want to talk about it because what could i say that could convey one-tenth the emotion that i experienced. with words lacking, i remained silent.

in an email this morning, i told a friend that the big impact was that it “really just reminds me of how much God loves us and the lengths that He is willing to go for our affections”. To capture our love with his own.

i’ve always identified with the thief… i guess, one doesn’t really think about these things, but last night it was like i knew that i was kindred spirit with him and that what Jesus was saying to him is true for me too. not the words “today, you will be with me in paradise.” don’t know if that is that way the movie said it, i was too busy crying. more like, i know what you’ve done, what you’re capable of and I don’t reject you. i’m guilty as sin, as it were, and deserve the death penalty but God isn’t going to put me down. He looks at me with campassion and desire, not willing to loose me to destruction. all i got to do is the smallest thing, to repent and He rescues me.

my buddy nick didn’t feel the same about the movie at all. he wasn’t too impressed. guess that just goes to show that we’re all different and that what sets one off will do nothing for the next. we are all different parts of the same body, i call it the ketchup variable. those who know me know what i mean.

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