feeling linear

standing barefaced in the sun, i wonder
the whys and wherefores bounce in the big empty
the current of the questions carry me along
places unknown pass by in the blurry periphery

so easily distracted and confused
i am a baby at his mother’s breast
focused on my need
overcome by a world that i do not understand

numbness is the devil you know
if you have known pain, it is tempting
and the stronghold walls that divide also protect
but nothing can grow in the courtyard

do not confuse your storehouse for a garden
what is taken from there can not be replenished from within
the earth is wounded and the seed dies for the fruit the garden bares
our sufficiency is born of suffering

what shall we say then?
if life was brought to us through death
and Christ was laid bare before all…
the servant isn’t greater then his master

to die to self is to live
i want to live

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