Blogging Slump

I was so proud of myself for blogging so regularly for a while there. Alas it was only a temporary euphoria. Now I feel the need just to post something… anything.

There have been quite a few things that I have wanted to blog on in the last month or so but it works out like this; I am a slow typer so it takes me a long time to put together just a few paragraphs and as I am typing I am thinking ahead of what is being typed too. Conceptually I am way ahead of my typing and thoughts get confused between what is being typed and what I am thinking of for the next paragraph. When it gets really bad I start skipping to the current thought in my head by ending the paragraph I am on and starting the next. This cheats the thought of the preceding paragraph and leaves out any thoughts that I may have had that would have linked the two paragraphs together. Not to mention the constant rereading of the current paragraph in order to recapture the essence of what I am trying to blog about in the first place, there by losing the current thought, you know the one two thoughts ahead on the thought being typed, never to be heard from again.

Ya dig what I am saying here?

Of course you don’t. I reread the paragraph and it doesn’t make sense to me… well yes it does, but only because I know the missing parts and the intent of the paragraph.

This whole thing is quite narcissistic and self-critical but interesting none the less. I am amazed sometimes at how my own thought process works. Analytical one moment and emotional the next, emphatic and unsure at the same time, I give myself a headache thinking about how I think.

Ok, so here it is, the obligatory blog entry. I am going to take some Advil now.

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