What is the Church really?

Looking at the little congregation that i am a part of, i realize that it embodies our tribe’s ‘expression of’ and ‘connection to’ the body of Christ, otherwise known as “the Church”. Our individual relationship to Jesus, at least in some measure, is fleshed out in our connection to one another. God has brought us together at bluer(my church) for a purpose, He has bonded us for a reason.

Do I ever sit and ponder the mystic wonder of that? Do I really embrace the truth of it… honor the holiness of it?

I feel blessed to be a part of bluer and the community around it and really believe that what we are doing there is “the Church”. Is it a perfect reflection of Christ? Not likely, but bluer is, if i can speak for my brothers and sisters, a heartfelt and honest expression of our devotion to God.

This pondering is brought to you by Romans, chapter 12.