Syntax over Substance

The logical and rational have always battled against the emotional and intuitive; at least that is how it seems to me. It is as if these concepts in human behavior are mutually excusive in some way, demanding a person to choose a side; as if we did not all come with some measure and ability to operate in all these states of being.

Some fear emotionalism is overtaking the Christian church today. The thinking is that we judge the veracity of everything based on how it makes us feel and that for something to be understood it must be first experienced. It is an idea that has an underlying assumption that emotions too easily become Pavlovian responses to any given set of circumstances and should not be trusted or given merit. It is almost a subconscious perception that feelings are weak, yielding and easily manipulated generally for nefarious and selfish purposes.

There are yet others who look at the pervasion of the dogmatic, doctrinal and orthodox in the Christian church as a rigid legalism that is not content unless everything can be defined, explained and condensed. This concept assumes that one of the only reasons someone would be attracted to this kind of religion is because they are emotionally stinted, compensating for a lack of relational skills with logic; an ideology that loves being right and correct over all things.

It is almost like the heart is in conflict with the mind and that love is battling against truth in a cancerous war where the body of Christ is attacking itself.

Perhaps, I should elaborate, but my get up and go just got up and went, so I am going to close this post.

What got me thinking like this?

The Postmodern Crackup by Chuck Colson
An Open Letter to Chuck Colson by Brian McLaren
Chuck Colson’s Personal Response

Brian McLaren, One of the Top 25 Most Influential Evangelicals

Brian McLaren is apparently one of the 25 most influential evangelicals in America, well according to TIME magazine anyways. I dig it, because love reading his stuff… or at least I love listening to other people quote his stuff. I guess with all the hub-bub that it rates a appearance on Larry King Live. Good for you Brian!

If you are like me and missed out on it the first time ’round, shoot on over to dude’s blog “thevoiz” and check out the Brian highlights. Thanks for the clips Aaron.

Think I will go find the whole video and watch it now.