Dream a little dream.


Mark is looking out the window wistfully, almost dream like as the camera moves toward him. He becomes a aware of someone in the room with him and looks to the camera. He treats the camera as a person, not surprised to see you there standing there, he starts talking.


I am a dreamer… It is true, I come up with crazy ideas all the time. People who know me know when to just nod affirmatively and pat me on the head, saying, “Why that’s a wonderful idea Mark, you should do that.”

Most of my dreams are called affectionately (by me) my “million dollar ideas”. I truly have no idea how many of these that I have had. Whether it is selling Mexican corn-on-the-cob at the state fair -or- the “Fight the Power” mobile coffee shop -or- selling leather mugs with dragons embossed on them at the Ren. Fest. -or- rubber grommets for repairing shower curtains -or- biblical memory verses for the shower, I have had a million million dollar ideas that would really take off if I could just find the investors for them. We would all become rich… or at least thousandaires, with any one of these ground-breaking ideas.

Alas, sadly this is usually the point where the head patting comes in. It is my lot I suppose. It’s hard being an idea guy (dramatic pause and a sigh). People just are not visionary you see, they are far too comfortable in the critic’s chair.

(Mark walks over to his desk in what was the dining area and grabs a manuscript off his desk) But you know what? The dream just cannot stop dreaming; (Mark taps the manuscript with the back of his free hand) I have yet another idea and this one will prove all the nay-sayers wrong once and for all!

What is it this time, you ask? Well I cannot give away too many details, but let us just say that it is the beginnings of a screen play for a movie that will be the blockbuster of the year when it is released.

Now do not think of messing up my “do” and wipe that patronizing look off your face because this is the real deal… you will see, when I accept my Ocsar for best screenplay while your sitting on the couch in your jammies munching popcorn saying, ” I knew he could do it.”, then you will see.

(In the Schwarzenegger voice) Here me now, believe me later!

Mark smile’s as he sits down and open’s his manuscript, grabs a pen and start’s writing.

One thought on “Dream a little dream.

  1. Honestly, if I had half the million dollar ideas he has…well, I don’t know exactly what that would be like…but I’m sure it would be dang cool! Mark, cheers to you! You are one of a kind and I promise I won’t pat you on the head any more. You are an amazing person. And you WILL do it someday (whatever “IT” is).

    p.s. The “Black and Strong” coffee idea was my personal favorite! And the shower bible verses is quite “do-able”. It might be just what I need to start memorizing stuff.

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