Life Sucks! …somtimes.

What to say? My mom has cancer and she just had the big operation that was suppose to get rid of it. Unfortunately, life is not that simple …simple being relative at this point.

The doctors are being compassionately pragmatic but are saying some very worrying things. They don’t speak in definitive terms but it seems that the form of cancer that my mom has is “aggressive” and needs to be treated aggressively.

So it looks like chemo, radiation and a drug trial are all part of a future that will drag on for the better part of a year, maybe more. Even then, after it is all said and done it may not be enough. I am getting the feeling from talking to my mom that the odds may be against recovery.

It is all so disturbing, I broke down for the first time last night. Dealing with the mortality of one’s parents is surprisingly difficult. Who thinks about these things before they have to? Who is prepared for these struggles?

It really makes me hate sin. I keep on thinking that if it were not for sin there would be no death and if their were no death my mom wouldn’t have to go through what she is right now. Over simplistic, I know.

I have no illusions about living a sin-free life from now foreword but I have become more aware of the cost sin has exacted from humanity through the suffering of my mom. It is a lesson I would rather not have to learn.

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  1. Mark, thank you for sharing this. I don’t know what else to say…It all seems trivial. I just wanted you to know that our family is praying and I appreciate that you are ‘putting yourself out there’. God bless you and your Mom.

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