The church and our place in it.

(This was meant to be posted this last week. Oops.)

I love this statement that I read today made on this post by messy Christian:

“…we’ve put our emphasis on the wrong place. It should be on people, not on a place. The place should be a tool to bring people together … funny how we’ve made “going to that place” more important somehow.”

It is really interesting that she makes this statement as part of a broader discussion on her choice to “take a break from church� for a few weeks. I think messy Christian is talking about taking a break from her congregation, moreover her congregation within the confines of the building that they meet on Sunday, when she says that she is taking a break from “church�. She is taking a break from all the pressures and responsibilities that are attached to being a part the whole process of making a Sunday service happen, and the confines and strictures that go with it.