Soundbites and ADD

I wonder if the youngsters today ever sit to listen to an entire album? I am not talking about the oldtime vinyl itself rather the collection of songs/tracks that make up a complete work that I affectionately call an album. Well do they? What about the older folks? Is anybody listening to whole albums anymore?

After looking at my recent plays I caught myself wondering if I was being boring because the last ten where all Don Chaffer, not only that but they were all from one album, What You Don’t Know. I actually listened to the whole thing. Granted it is background music to a busy day but still it made mean wonder if people do that anymore. In our iTunes, single download sort of world, one wonders.

3 thoughts on “Soundbites and ADD

  1. I’m a shuffler…itunes has totally modified my listening habits. However, there are times when i have a hankerin’ for a whole album of Phoebe Snow (the one Luke burned for me from vinyl for my birthday), the Mike Doughty you gave me, and (of course!) the blaxploitation soundtrack.

    Bob is selling his Ipod. Don’t know how much for.

  2. I listen to whole albums all the time. I think that sometimes that is the only way to go because a lot of times there are musical or lyrical themes that flow through the entire album and if you put it on shuffle you can miss some of that creative magic.

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