Quote of the day.

from back in the day…

“Art is innate in the artist, like an instinct that seizes and makes a tool out of the human being. The thing in the final analysis that wills something in him is not he, the personal man, but the aim of the art.” Carl Jung

A new category, called “daddy likes”

It has been brought to my attention that I may have materialist tendencies. Now, I shall neither confirm nor deny the allegation, rather, I will let you in on some of the more tasty items that I would purchase if finances were unlimited.

In this new series that I will call ‘daddy likes’, I offer up for your consideration the Numark NuVJ.

This MIDI controller would allow me to VJ more like a DJ using it in conjunction with a Apple iMac and the ArKaos VJ 3.5 DMX software… of course, I do not have either of these items so they both fit into the ‘daddy likes’ list too.

I see a bank of old tv’s setup, stacked high in the corners of a concert or worship space to which I could project the images that this system can create, moving through those images in rhythm to the music… ahh, what a pleasure that would be.

So, does this make me a materialist? I don’t know, you decide.