Weight loss in the age of overconsumption, the game is afoot.

A few of us from my church are doing a type of “The Biggest Loser” contest that started on January 3rd and will be going until April 25th. We will have weekly weigh-ins and prizes will be given out every week for the “biggest loser” of the week, with a grand prize to the overall “biggest loser” at the end. To that end I have signed up to track my caloric intake at “Calorie Count”, an about.com website.

This is a great site that helps me track calories, fat, carbs and protein as well as exercise. My favorite part of the site is the recipe analysis feature where you add a new recipe and it spits out all the nutritional information based on the raw ingredients entered. It is not 100%, for instance, it is not easy to switch out a single ingredient with something similar to adjust the recipe when the analysis comes back slightly off, but that is a little thing. I have found that the database is fairly comprehensive and it is easy to add items not listed and tag them for quick reference in the future.

The best part about the site is that it is free (actually ad sponsored). About.com has always been really good about the quality and type of ads allowed so having to put up with that to get such a good service for free is more than acceptable to me.