Dream a little dream.


Mark is looking out the window wistfully, almost dream like as the camera moves toward him. He becomes a aware of someone in the room with him and looks to the camera. He treats the camera as a person, not surprised to see you there standing there, he starts talking.


I am a dreamer… It is true, I come up with crazy ideas all the time. People who know me know when to just nod affirmatively and pat me on the head, saying, “Why that’s a wonderful idea Mark, you should do that.”

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Gmail Invites

Got Gmail invites that I have been sitting on for a couple of months now. You want ’em come and get ’em. Send an email to ragedied at gmail dot com to reserve yours today.

For the non-initiated, Gmail is an online email account being offered by Google to compete directly with Yahoo! and Hotmail. Geeks are all over it just because it’s google and it is offering so awesome search functions. The rest of us may just want to grab that vanity address that we have been denied by those other services for all those years. How does thecoolone@gmail.com sound to you?

Redemption for grassrootsmusic.com

the last few orders that i have put through to grassroots have been riddled with problems to the point where have considered not buying from them anymore. time delays and incomplete orders where foreign to my experience with them until these last 3 orders. apparently they were moving facilities and this caused a time period of disarray. but alas they have redeemed themselves with this last order.

they tempted me with a cornucopia of close outs on a bunch of their independent releases and i was not strong enough to resist. so, i ordered 24 cd’s from them praying that they had gotten their act together. sure enough, the order has come in a day after shipped and a mere two business-days after I ordered ’em, without a cd missing from the bunch. excellent customer service has indeed returned to my favorite provider of independent Christian music.

i just hope that they are doing ok. i have heard rumors of financial problems at the company. i really hope that is not the case as i have found that grassroots has been invaluable in offering regional, independent offerings of the singer/song writer variety. stuff you just cannot find anywhere else.

i am concerned though, why are they clearing out so much good music at such cheap prices? i am not complaining about the windfall to my personal collection but i am worried that this resource that i have used for something like 7 or 8 years now, will soon not be with us. will i be condemned to what gets spoon-fed from the man, corporate music? i sure hope not. at least we still have pastemusic.com. even so, long live grassrootsmusic.com and the independent, folksy music they stand for!

The most unremarkable thing ever.

the egotist in me wonders why i never get a comment on my blog. sometimes i go to my site just to see if there is a comment even though i know that, if there was a comment, it would be forwarded to my email account.

i surprise myself with my own vanity sometimes. i mean really, i don’t log much and what i do log isn’t necessarily compelling to anyone but me, but there is still that part of me that wants to be recognized and acknowledged.

will anyone even read this post? who really cares? seriously, in the end this is mainly a cathartic action for me mixed with a bit of exhibitionism. It would be cool to have someone read and react to a entry but one would need an entry worth reacting too. so, i suppose i will just have to settle for the purging benefit this journal this journal allows me.

I did just check and if you do a google search for mark miron, this blog does come up as #1 on the list, so that’s a comfort. Anyone looking for mark miron will find this site. it’s like i’ve got a corner on the ‘mark miron’ market, so i’m like famous or something. it’s a long stretch but my ego likes it and that is good enough for now.

still, if you read this blog, comment. my ego will thank you… no, actually my ego (i must depersonalize at this point relegate my ego to the third person for reasons of shame) will probably bask in the recognition of it’s own importance for a moment and then ponder the next wonderfully insightful entry we can add to this blog, trolling for comments, so that the ego can bask again.

Here’s good idea, i’ll comment my own blog so that way when someone reads this they will be more like to respond and have a model for what a proper response could be. that’s it, people just need some guidance with this commenting thing, that’s all.