Extravagant Life

in the blur of lines
and all those in between times
when the hunger and the thirst
become more then i can bare,
i run back to You

in Your presence
the scales fall from my eyes
and i am reminded
of all that could be
potential that spans the horizon
and purpose that fuels the soul

i have walked the waking dream
and know the numbness that it brings
i have tasted from the well of eternal life,
waking from that dream,
sacrificing the numbness,
feeling the stab of Your love
Oh, the sweet pain of that rebirth

i have only glimpsed the life You have
for those who seek Your face
only tasted a crumb of the portion given me
at the table set by Your hand

still, i am an occasional sleep-walker

You say to me:
you do not even know the measure of life
I have given you
the best is yet to come

note: all night prayer and what God said to me.

One thought on “Extravagant Life

  1. I love this! I did not know you write poetry! I think this beautifully captures what so many feel who want more, who want to know their destiny in Him…Yes, there is so much more. Show us!

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