It all comes crashing down around me
Spinning and twirling
Flipping and reeling
And I am at peace

The comfort had created apathy
A slow death that chokes as it caresses

I am elated by the possibilities the chaos offers
Uncertain and boundariless
Unrestrained and free
And I am alive

I am tired of living in shadows
Hiding in the darkness

The darkness, it’s allure is in the hiding
The clenched fist and judgemental eye
The licking lip and weary pride
And I am set free

The free fall does not allow for convention
Shadow can not match the speed of my descend

I fall into the light of Life
Up becomes Down
Right becomes wrong
And the scales fall from my eyes

I am being lifted from the indifference of my definitions
Into the reality clearly seen

Revelations comes with the morning
I conjecture and You create
I hypothesis and You heal
And I am made whole

My Trust, my hope, my future is in You Jesus
Nothing this world does can destroy me

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