Acts of the Disciples

I’ve been thinking that since we are made in God’s image we are 3-in-1 just like Him. I’ve espoused this for a long time. Just recently though I’ve thinking of who we are and how we are made and the relation of that to the work of the Holy Spirit. It seems that conversations on the work of the Holy Spirit fall easily into the realms of the mental and the spiritual but on the issue of the physical, there is a nod to the possibility but a feeling of improbability. Why is that? Is it truly a balanced way it express/explore our faith?

We pay lip service to the fact that God can interrupt our natural life without any expectation that He actually will. Maybe I’m just interjecting my personal reflections into the intentions of others, but does seem it be the case that we live our lives like we are cessationists no matter we proclaim to believe.

I’m painting with a broad brush here, I know. It is just that generally speaking, I have heard the same thing time and time again, “Oh yes, God can do that (insert supernatural occurrence here) but let’s not be too hasty about it happening here and now (implied).” It just doesn’t mesh with what I’m reading in Acts. Daily God invaded their world of the flesh just as He did the mind and the spirit. Continually working in and through them to accomplish His will.

I pray for the faith to believe that the book of Acts is an open-ended story that is still being written today and the courage to live in that truth.

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